A Personal Portrait With Kim

Personal Portrait by Glance

Kim (not her real name), came to me wanting to do some personal portrait for own talent portfolio. This was her first time in a studio setting. For a first timer you’d expect some form of first time jitters, however Kim had her game face on the moment she stepped into the studio. With hardly any sign of nervousness, she answered all of my questions with the maturity of someone who is wise beyond her years. She was only 18.

Personal Portrait

The shoot went by without a hitch. You can say she aced it for someone who isn’t in this field of work. Probably the only thing i’ll always advise my subjects is not to stress over trying to look good in front of the camera. Just be yourself and she did just that.

Personal PortraitPersonal PortraitPersonal PortraitPersonal PortraitPersonal Portrait

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