2014 February

A Traditional Thai Wedding by Glance Photography Studio

Alexzis & Jeremy – A Traditional Thai Wedding

Jeremy & Alexzis – Traditional Thai Wedding Ceremony +Photographer : Andrew Ng +Locations : The Veranda, Chiangmai, Thailand One of the most anticipated weddings for the year 2013. Fascinating mist shrouded mountains, fertile valleys, buddhist temples, awe-inspiring sun sets to freezing cold temperatures. Words cannot describe how awesome the whole wedding was. Alexzis and Jeremy [...]

Prewedding Photography Club Med

Jian Wei & Poh Joo

Jian Wei & Poh Joo – Prewedding +Photographer: Andrew Ng +Make-up Artist: Chloe & Sharon, Wedding Isle +Location: Club Med Cherating, Malaysia

Prewedding Photography by Glance Photography Studio

Aaron & Seema

Aaron & Seema – Prewedding +Photographer: Andrew Ng +Make-up Artist: Carmen, Wedding Isle +Location: Perak, Malaysia

Prewedding photography by Glance Photography Studio

Loving you is like coming home

+ Photographer: Andrew + Make-up & Hair: Chloe + Styling: Sharon / Amy